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How do I transfer my domain name to Myhost?

There are a number of steps involved in transferring your domain name but normally its not too difficult and we can help you throughout the process.

Transferring a .com/.net/.org/.biz/.info/.mobi domain name to Myhost


Step 1

Make sure your domain is unlocked and you have access to the admin contact email address.


Step 2

Obtain your domains unique EPP authorisation key from your current registrar, normally this is emailed to you.


Step 3

Place the transfer order for your domain on our website entering the authorisation key when asked.


Step 4

Approve the domain transfer request which will be emailed to you shortly afterwards.

Transferring a .ie domain name to Myhost

To transfer your domain name to a new .ie accredited Registrar, you will need an authorisation code (Authcode). The Authcode is a unique randomly generated code, assigned to your domain name, which is used to securely authorise your transfer.

You can request your Authcode:

From your current .ie Accredited Registrar.

Directly from the designated .ie online portal. Please note you will require your username (Admin Contact NIC Handle, e.g. ABC123-IEDR) and the email address held on the IEDR database that is assigned to this username. The Authcode will be directly emailed to this address only.

Direct request to IEDRs Registration Services Team, the team will generate the code on your behalf and will be sent directly to the email address assigned to the Admin Contact on the domain name.

What happens if my domain admin contact has changed?

You will need to inform the IEDR in writing and on headed paper where possible. Add the following text to the letter if the previous admin contact is no longer with the company and fax it to +353 (01) 230 0365.

I authorise the change of Admin-Contact for the domain from (Previous Admin-Contact name) to (New Admin-Contact name + email address).

What is included with domain registration?

The MyHost difference

Control Panel Access

Registrar Lock

DNS Management


URL / Domain Forwarding

Manage Nameservers

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