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Digital SSL Certificates will secure your website and create trust

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Positive SSL

  • 2048Bit SSL Certificate
  • 256Bit Encryption
  • $10k Warranty
  • <24HRS Setup
  • Domain validated

Instant SSL

Most Popular
  • 2048Bit SSL Certificate
  • 256Bit Encryption
  • $50,000-$250,000 Warranty
  • 24HRS Setup
  • Organisation validated

Wildcard SSL

  • 2048Bit SSL Certificate
  • 256Bit Encryption
  • $250k Warranty
  • Secure Unlimited Subdomains
  • Mulitple Hosts

Comodo EV SSL

  • 2048Bit SSL Certificate
  • 256Bit Encryption
  • $1,750,000 Warranty
  • Green Address Bar
  • Organisation validated

Why do I need a digital SSL certificate?

A customer who has confidence in your business is more likely to stay with you

Customer Confidence

Showing you care about protecting your customers personal information will improve customer confidence and create trust.

Improve Google Rankings

Websites using increased security are rewarded by Google and this will improve the ranking of your website.

Visible Data Encryption

Data transferred from your customers browser to your website will be encrypted when using a digital ssl certificate, protecting your customer against potential fraud attempts.

Which digital SSL certificate should I choose?

Choose an appropriate level of trust
Positive SSL
Choose this SSL for securing low volume ecommerce transactions . This certificate is domain validated only and is not business validated
Instant SSL
Choose this SSL certificate for leading ecommerce enabled websites. This certificate is fully validated so its ideal for an online business presence. A TrustLogo site seal is also included which customers can view from your website giving them confidence that their transaction is secure.
Wildcard SSL
Choose this SSL certificate If you have multiple sub-domains to safeguard, then a single Wildcard SSL purchase can save you thousands vs the cost of buying multiple individual certificates.
EV certificates are the highest assurance certificate available and deliver a new level of trust to your web site. The Green address bar provides immediate trust and helps customer conversion. Its fully business validated and includes a free Trustlogo site seal.

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