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Standard features include

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Management Options

Let us manage your infrastructure and you focus on running your business.

PCI Compliant

We will work with you to make your eCommernce hosting environment PCI compliant.

Cloud Scalable Resources

Upgrade resources such as RAM and DISK space without any downtime.

Redundant Cloud Storage

Highly available, distributed storage system with built-in replication and disaster recovery.

Nightly Backups

Nightly backups of your data are taken and stored on our backup servers for your peace of mind.

Plesk Control Panel

Plesk is an award winning hosting control panel which enables you to control all aspects of your hosting package using a simple to use interface.

Pre Sales Questions

Frequently asked questions
Where are your Services based?
We are based in Ireland and so are all our services.
What is priority support?
Our Business hosting cutomers will benefit from Priority phone and email support as well as our standard support which includes FAQ articles, live chat and video tutorials.
What are lower customer density servers?
To help optimise server performance and increase security we isolate Business websites from Personal websites and also limit the number of Business customers per server. Additional CPU and Memory resouces are also allocated and monitored rigorously.
Do you backup my website?
Yes we do, we will backup your website data nightly however we encourage you to create your own separate backups and we can provide an addon website backup service as a precaution. Contact our sales team for more information and pricing.
Can I contact you by phone if I have a problem?
Yes of course, although we do recommend opening a support ticket first. We have to document every support issue which helps us improve our service but also helps you as you also have a record of all communication.

Magento Ecommerce Hosting

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We have been offering hosting solutions since 2002 and we have retained a lot of loyal customers who signed up with us all those years ago. This speaks volumes, it shows customers trust us and we provide them with a quality service and super quick and friendly Irish support.

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