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Spam Filtering

Our Enterprise level spam filtering can be used for both personal and business customers.

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  • Removes more than 99.9% of incoming viruses
  • Quarantine area
  • Guarantees rate of spam detection
  • Implements spammer blacklists
  • Spam reporting options
  • MX backup mail failover

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Lets face it, spam costs you money and more importantly it costs you time. Dealing with spam on a daily basis is both frustrating and from an employers point of view , a waste of resources. can offer you or your organisation, a powerful solution to help protect against spam, phishing and virus infected emails by adding a secure layer between the internet and your mail server. Email is delivered to our servers, filtered, cleaned and then sent on to your destination mail server.

Spam & Virus Filtering Features

Enterprise features

Removes more than 99.9% of incoming viruses.

Guarantees rate of spam detection

Detects potentially dangerous content.

Message spooling if your email server is unavailable (MX Backup)

No hardware or software to install

No capital outlay

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