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Virtual Private Cloud Servers

Scalable cloud servers with nightly backups and management options.

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  • vCores1
  • Memory512MB
  • Hard Drive15GB
  • Bandwidth300GB
  • Monthly price 15.99
  • vCores1
  • Memory1024MB
  • Hard Drive30GB
  • Bandwidth300GB
  • Monthly price 24.99
  • vCores2
  • Memory2048MB
  • Hard Drive40GB
  • Bandwidth400GB
  • Monthly price 39.99
  • vCores2
  • Memory4196MB
  • Hard Drive65GB
  • Bandwidth500GB
  • Monthly price 79.99
  • vCores4
  • Memory6144MB
  • Hard Drive80GB
  • Bandwidth800GB
  • Monthly price 99.99
  • vCores4
  • Memory8192MB
  • Hard Drive120GB
  • Bandwidth1000GB
  • Monthly price 139.99

Hosting features

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is intended for those clients who want a little more flexability than a shared hosting account can offer. We are able to create multiple isolated virtual servers on a single physical hardware node giving customer greater control over their hosting environment.

Customers are free to install and configure their own applicatons and choose from a range of popular linux distros.

Our VPS packages are ideal for a developers who want all the benefits of a dedicated server, but without the costs.The VPS comes as either a managed or unmanaged solution. Our VPS hosting range also come with an optional PLESK licence, so this package might also suit a reseller or web designer.

VPS - main benefits


You get complete control over your private server through our control panel (Power Panel) and full shell (ssh) access.


Superior performance with dedicated CPU and RAM assignments


Ability to install practically any application or script you wish


Fraction of the cost of a Dedicated Server


Your files are isolated from other customers giving you security and privacy


What comes installed?

The basic operating system. Additional applications like PHP and MySQL are not installed by default.

Do I get SSH access?

Yes, you get SSH access.

What operating systems do you offer?

Currently CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD and Windows.

Is the VPS backed up?

Yes, the VPS is backed up nightly.

Who is responsible for OS updates?

You are responsible for patching and updating the VPS unless we are managing it.